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Ok. So Some News!

2013-10-08 03:10:36 by DarkLink2000

So! It's been a bit since my Dire, Dire Remake - working on my next one (maybe not as diligently as I should be). But I will let you guys know that I have still been working on other projects in the spare time I can get between work and my unfortunate new obsession with Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Predominately, I've been working on:

- Some songs for a game demo some friends of mine are making
- A Mario Galaxy Remix
- Some more originals that will most likely be posted to my Sound Cloud. which OH!

I may not have mentioned that I also have a SoundCloud. Right now it's kinda stale :S Lol TERRIBLE word for it, but it's true. More often than not I'll be posting originals to that so, if you're ever in a mood for those, hop over to soundcloud.com/amxwolf

BUT I DIGRESS!!! Remakes will be coming! Mario Galaxy will be coming! Keep checking in!

Ok. So Some News!

Just put up my Dire, Dire Docks Remix. So This of course means that My "A Dire Dire Guitar Ballad" is going to be retired from the portal tonight. But let me know what you think of this one. I want ALL the answers lol be it good, bad, awful, wonderful - Let me know! Spread the Word!

Dire-ly want you to check out #1 on my list

News My Followers!!!

2013-09-04 23:48:01 by DarkLink2000

Ok. So. I came to a horrifying realization today:

More often than not, I've told people that look me up to COMPLETELY AVOID OR DISREGARD my early works.

This needs to change. A lot of my ideas from earlier on were either undeveloped or made on a program designed primarily for music notation and therefore the quality of the songs were...well okay. They suck.

I have A LOT of unfinished music (originals and remixes alike) in my library right now, but I think it's most important that I go back and renew and finish these ideas...yes?

Also, I profusely apologize for my on-the-fly, barely around behavior. I work a VERY stressful and time consuming job and sometimes that takes a toll on me. But I very recently have been getting more and more inspired to REALLY strive to make good music and get my "in" into the VG Music industry. I feel I can't take the next leap with the music I have now.


I'm going to revamp, well, at least try to revamp most if my songs from my early years. LET'S FLIPPIN DO THIS RIGHT? Subsequently, I will REMOVE ALL POSTS OF THE OLDER STUFF FROM THE PORTAL FOR GOOD!!!

So, if you like em....get em while you can.

See you guys around the portal yes?

News My Followers!!!

Kittens in Capes POSTPONED!!!

2013-04-23 23:47:38 by DarkLink2000

Ok. Are you all ready for some ridiculousness?

Kittens in Capes WAS ready. And actually, for a split second it was on the portal. But.....I kinda....I dunno. I feel like there's something not quite right about it :S So It's postponed. I'm working on a few other projects currently. Here's a rundown of some of the many many MANY mix-cakes that are in the oven:

Clock Tower- Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
Starlift - Mario Party 3
Spacedust Alley- Diddy Kong Racing
Jiggy Wiggy's Temple - Banjo Tooie
Krazoa Palace - Star Fox Adventures
and Hall of the Legendary Cards - Pokemon TCG for Game Boy Color

There's others too!!! oh my goodness!!! However, bear in mind a lot of these are not by any means close to done. But I'll keep you posted. Also, some originals may surface on the page too. In the meantime, I'ma get busy, and you guys can enjoy this picture of Lady. ^_^ See you on the portal!


Kittens in Capes POSTPONED!!!

Isle is on the portal!

2013-04-10 00:09:55 by DarkLink2000

Hey people! Just posted my Isle O Hags online. Chiggity-check it out if you like. Also, Kittens in Capes is on the way.

New stuff is a-comin'

2013-04-04 15:45:17 by DarkLink2000

Hey people that care! ^_^

Got some new tunes on the way. Putting the finishing touches on a little menu loop I call "Kittens in Capes".

Also, new VG Remix I'm working on, Isle of Hags from Banjo Tooie. Hope I do Grant Kirkhope proud. So keep checkin in, and they should be up before too long.

Would love some advice ^_^

2012-02-18 12:51:09 by DarkLink2000

I'm working on trying to find a good dubstep beat creator. if anyone knows a good, easy to use program, please let me know!

I finally got a hold of a laptop to call my own. I've been fervently working on some new mixes (even though most of my time has been devoted to minecraft of late). If anyone has any requests, I'd be more than happy to oblige. I'm thinkin I'm going to try and get another zelda piece up here soon, because SKYWARD SWORD is almost her ^_^

Hello again one and all. Still living in NO-COMPUTER-VILLE (population me and my broken down pride). My twin sister (ellebirdy23) has been gracious enough to let me use her laptop sometimes so I may get a mix up here soon. I am slightly out of steam though so I gotta work on getting so inspiration back I'm working on a couple ideas, not really pieces yet. But I'm toying with:

Ancient Lake - Diddy Cong Racing
The Hanged Man (Night) - Dragon Age II
Faron Woods - The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
The Fairy Fountain - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Underground- Super Mario Bros.
and N.M.H. - No More Heroes

I've kinda put a lot on my plate and am in NO way going to be able to get ALL of those ideas up soon. But I have faith one of those pieces will be inspired and I'll have at least one or two of em up before the years done.

I will keep one and all posted using Newgrounds or Facebook k?

...kthnxbai ^_^ :P

In the meantime, here's a random power up for your trouble ^_^

I'm over bad news. Stuck in a slum, but there's only one way to go from down here....

Bad News :(

2011-02-12 20:22:35 by DarkLink2000

To my loyal fans (the few, the proud) and other people who chance on this page:

I have some bad news. My computer is kaput and all my mixes in the works may be lost forever. :( This is unfortunate. But I promise I will try and get some new material up in the near future. Maybe a Fairy Fountain? or some other Zelda song in keeping with the upcoming release of Skyward Sword.