Entry #19

Ok. So Some News!

2013-10-08 03:10:36 by DarkLink2000

So! It's been a bit since my Dire, Dire Remake - working on my next one (maybe not as diligently as I should be). But I will let you guys know that I have still been working on other projects in the spare time I can get between work and my unfortunate new obsession with Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Predominately, I've been working on:

- Some songs for a game demo some friends of mine are making
- A Mario Galaxy Remix
- Some more originals that will most likely be posted to my Sound Cloud. which OH!

I may not have mentioned that I also have a SoundCloud. Right now it's kinda stale :S Lol TERRIBLE word for it, but it's true. More often than not I'll be posting originals to that so, if you're ever in a mood for those, hop over to soundcloud.com/amxwolf

BUT I DIGRESS!!! Remakes will be coming! Mario Galaxy will be coming! Keep checking in!

Ok. So Some News!


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2013-10-08 11:45:07

Checking it!


2013-10-31 18:30:35

Still waiting, where's Mario Galaxy huh ? =P
nah, seriously, I hope everything's alright, it'll make a month since your last post. It's long enough to not be able to tell if one's alive or not..
Still among us ? ^^

DarkLink2000 responds:

lol Barely! lol sorry. My goodness. It's been a CRAZY couple of months and I'm finally starting to go back to normal amount of responsibilities. Mario Galaxy hit a wall, but I fully plan to work through it now that my other compositions are a done deal. So. I am so very sorry to keep you all waiting, and I very much appreciate you checking in now and then ^_^.


2013-11-23 04:00:16

Hehe ! No problem. Keep going !