New stuff is a-comin'

2013-04-04 15:45:17 by DarkLink2000

Hey people that care! ^_^

Got some new tunes on the way. Putting the finishing touches on a little menu loop I call "Kittens in Capes".

Also, new VG Remix I'm working on, Isle of Hags from Banjo Tooie. Hope I do Grant Kirkhope proud. So keep checkin in, and they should be up before too long.


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2013-04-04 18:25:46

Aight, lets be hearing them then!


2013-04-05 04:00:20

Sounds good1


2013-04-07 05:36:41

Hey how have I not found you sooner
You're awesome!!


2013-04-07 15:12:57

we should thank ellebirdy for telling us about you. Hi there. Your songs are great !

DarkLink2000 responds:

lol ^_^ thanks. I love having her for sister. Mostly because she kicks ass, but also because her music is phenomenal


2013-04-08 23:47:00

Hey there, I've worked with your sister on a couple of tracks, thought I better check out her 'plug' for you :D