Kittens in Capes POSTPONED!!!

2013-04-23 23:47:38 by DarkLink2000

Ok. Are you all ready for some ridiculousness?

Kittens in Capes WAS ready. And actually, for a split second it was on the portal. But.....I kinda....I dunno. I feel like there's something not quite right about it :S So It's postponed. I'm working on a few other projects currently. Here's a rundown of some of the many many MANY mix-cakes that are in the oven:

Clock Tower- Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
Starlift - Mario Party 3
Spacedust Alley- Diddy Kong Racing
Jiggy Wiggy's Temple - Banjo Tooie
Krazoa Palace - Star Fox Adventures
and Hall of the Legendary Cards - Pokemon TCG for Game Boy Color

There's others too!!! oh my goodness!!! However, bear in mind a lot of these are not by any means close to done. But I'll keep you posted. Also, some originals may surface on the page too. In the meantime, I'ma get busy, and you guys can enjoy this picture of Lady. ^_^ See you on the portal!


Kittens in Capes POSTPONED!!!


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2013-04-24 08:20:12

I can't blame you when you tell me you're gonna make a Krazoa Palace song. I'm waiting for it.
Also, pretty... Rainbow... Pony... Unicorn.. Whatever it is.

DarkLink2000 responds:

lol Lady Rainicorn from Adventure Time. lol


2013-04-25 14:31:58

Such a beautiful Lady. Or Rainbow.. Now I wanna know what is Adventure Time. I HAVE to know.


2013-04-26 18:18:27

It seems to be your greatest fan in the world. Look at aaaall those posts =O

DarkLink2000 responds:

Mreh. People will be people right?


2013-04-27 19:51:46

Yay! its Lady Raincorn!